Tabriz Hadi

Tabriz Hadi wire and cable company was established in 1374 by Saraf brothers (Kazim and Mahmoud) 22 km from Tabriz industrial city in Saeed Abad region on a land of 10,000 square meters and was put into operation in 1375. The priorities of the company's management are the strict observance of national and international standards and the use of management systems for the company's excellence and appropriate response to customers.

In line with the strategy of developing its products and meeting the needs of the country's consumer market, this company has put on its agenda the production of all kinds of construction, telecommunication and industrial wires and cables, as well as to compete with foreign products and improve its quality goals with the help of local specialists and experts. Succeeded in obtaining the Iranian national standard license as well as the ISO 9001 quality management system standard, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management, ISO 14001 in order to protect and preserve the environment, ISO 10004 and 10002 with the aim of paying attention to the customer and achieving customer satisfaction, ISO 50001 management and improvement Energy performance and European CE standard.

Tabriz Hadi wire and cable company laboratory is a member of the partner laboratories of the province and has certificate 17025 from the organization of Iran's accreditation center. This company has a research and development certificate from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade and has been selected as a quality model unit by the National Standards Organization of Iran in five consecutive years 1397-1401. Cooperation with Iran Tractorsazi, Tabriz، Tabriz Metro Station Company, Iran Copper Industries, Azarbaijan Regional Electricity, Tabriz Electricity Distribution Company, etc. is one of our honors and the satisfaction of our customers is proof of the quality of our products.

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With the support of specialists in the research and development unit, Tabriz Hadi has always been a leader in designing and presenting new products in Iran and is ready to accept any order for the manufacture of various products.

The importance of different topics in this direction is outlined as follows in the research and development unit's targeting.


Product quality assurance


New products


Price reduction with new methods

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safety, accuracy, quality

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